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Dad Makes His Quadruplet Daughters Burst Out into Hilarious Laughter

Children can be a blessing—even when they’re being an absolute pain. But this video reminds us that something as simple as a child’s laugh can make all the pain of parenting worth it! This daddy is hanging out with his baby girls, and he’s doing the most simple thing to make them laugh: pulling funny faces! It’s a basic trick, but it works—the babies can’t stop laughing! The family who posted the video won $250,000 when it aired on America’s Funniest Home Videos, and the family has also been featured on Oprah and The Tonight Show With Jay Leno....

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Dad Keeps Promise to His Daughter and Takes Her Doll Out for the Day

Parents will do anything for their children—no matter how uncomfortable and embarrassing. Keenan Watkins knows this first-hand. When he was making dinner one night, his young daughter asked him if he would take her beloved baby doll everywhere he went and buy him clothes. He might not have realized what he was agreeing to when he said yes, but he never lets his little girl down. Read the full story down below. “I am the proud parent of two amazing and complex young children. Ash (10) and Aayla (9). A few nights ago, while… Posted by Love What Matters...

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