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David Blaine Magic Act Progressively Gets Crazier, Ends Unexpectedly

David Blaine began his performance with several card tricks. They were rather simple but still very impressive. It wasn’t until his last illusion that Jimmy and members of The Roots totally freaked out.   Jimmy, did you invite a real-life sorcerer onto this show??! What you are about to watch is seriously...

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Magician David Blaine Wows Hollywood Celebs With This Trick

Anytime you have a magician, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad, Kanye West, Woody Harrelson, and Will Smith and his family together in a video, you know it’s going to be money well spent. Accordingly, it can indeed be said that this video does not disappoint with the aforementioned stars serving as the curious audience fro another one of David Blaine’s insane magic tricks. Filled with a wide array of scenes and reactions (the reactions of Aaron Paul are particularly great), this is also more than a little surreal. It starts off innocently enough with a magic...

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