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Walmart Customers and Workers Help Save a Doe After She Gets Stuck in the Store

Animals often get stuck in strange places.   When I was little, a sparrow flew into our car while we were driving. The poor thing was so terrified it took a long time to coax it out.   A Kentucky Walmart shopper had a similarly strange experience when she rounded an aisle corner and came face to face with a deer!   Rebecca Patterson stopped to help the doe calm down before calling for help.   Rescue officers soon arrived and they were able to get the poor thing out into the forest...

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Man’s Snoring Kept His Friends Up During Their Trip, Until This Marine Had A Solution On The Third Night

  This funny story involves a man named Bob and his friends who were going on a deer camping trip.   The only problem is: Bob snores. His friends know that, so they take turns each night switching on who watches Bob during the night.   On the third night, Bob’s Marine friend Pete didn’t want to be kept up all night watching Bob. So, he came up with an ingenious plan.   Read what Pete did below:         Haha! Of course the Marine will get the problem to stop. If you laughed, be sure to...

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This Fawn and Bunny Playing Together Is Straight Out of a Disney Movie

It’s like Bambi came to life: volunteers at the YMCA of the Rockies’ Estes Park Center caught these two furry animals on video playing with each other like best friends.   The fawn and bunny start out running together in the yard, then stop as the fawn sniffs the bunny. Then they take off again, the fawn chasing the bunny as the bunny jumps backwards!   The furry creatures keep playing for the rest of the video, hopping around until the bunny decides it’s time to go home. We think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship! Watch...

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