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WingBrush: The Revolutionary Way to Clean Between Your Teeth

If you have a hard time getting that last bit of steak or popcorn out from your teeth, the WingBrush is for you! It’s designed to effectively and safely clean in between your teeth for a healthier smile. The innovative handle makes it easy to hold, and the patented feeler doesn’t hurt your teeth or gums! To use, simply place the WingBrush where you need to clean and press the handle, letting the brush slide through your interdental space. You can use the brush in any interdental space: between teeth, around implants, under braces, and around crowns! It’s easy...

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CrossFloss: The Hands-Free Flossing Revolution

The CrossFloss is perfect for the person who never flosses their teeth! It’s designed to floss your teeth while you do other things. Simply “chew” it around your mouth and it’ll floss your teeth for you! It was designed by a dentist, ensuring it’s safe for use in your mouth. You can floss your teeth while doing anything, from driving, to watching TV, to doing laundry! For more information, check out the company’s website here. Watch the demo down below!   Advertisement Where To Buy CrossFloss Hands-Free Flossing Check Product Info Comments Facebook Twitter...

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