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Ulta Hair Stylist Spends Over 8 Hours Giving Depressed Woman the Hair of Her Dreams

Anyone who’s ever had depression knows even the most basic tasks can be difficult. And when you confide in people about what you’re going through, you always risk people judging you and your situation.   It’s hard enough trusting your friends to help—trusting a stranger is downright terrifying.   A woman in a deep depression faced this situation when she went to an Ulta salon looking for all the soft hair products she could find. When a stylist asked her if she needed help, the woman confided in her, and the stylist knew she had to help.   Read...

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Here's The Incredible Reasoning Behind People With A Semi-Colon Tattoo

In the spring of 2013, Amy Bleuel wanted to honor her father whom she tragically lost to suicide. Bleuel decided to she would use the symbol of a semi-colon for people to relate to the struggle of depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide and their will to continue on. Since a semi-colon is used in literature to mark a point where you could have stopped but chose not to, the symbolism was perfect for her project.   Thus, Project Semicolon was formed.   The goal of the project was for people to believe that this is not the end but...

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Girl Suffering Anorexia Planned To Take Her Own Life Until Starbucks Barista Wrote This On Her Cup

Bekah Georgy, from Salem, New Hampshire, is a teen girl who loves to sing, dance, write, and put smiles on other people’s faces.   However, Georgy had trouble putting a smile on her face because of battles with depression, anxiety and anorexia nervosa for over half of her life.   On a particularly hard day, where Georgy was filled with hopelessness and suicidal thoughts, she decided to go to Starbucks for some iced coffee. As the barista took her order, she wrote something different on the cup instead of the Bekah’s name like most employees would. Check out below...

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