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Man Spends 4 Years Building a One-Of-A-Kind Church Using Only Living Trees

Barry Cox is a devoted Christian who is not only a man of faith, but also an amazingly talented designer and artist. His latest venture was inspired by his travels around the world to visit many Churches. Cox decided to create a unique Church of his own using living trees. Created over lush green lawns, the Tree Church was designed to show how an instant garden can be created using a Tree-Spade. The gardens and labyrinth walk is a welcomed retreat from society. It took Barry and his company, Tree Locations, a total of 4 years to complete this...

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British Artist Spends 3 Months To Create Intricate Frame: “Pater – 2014”

Joe Fenton is a British artist, designer, sculptor and illustrator. He’s known for his works in monochrome using graphite, ink, acrylics, oils on paper, canvas, and others and is nothing short of an amazing artist. In this particular piece, Fenton created an intricate frame with immense detail. It’s named “Pater – 2014”. Artist: Joe Fenton – Facebook – Instagram – Website First, he uses a clay-like material to model out the frame. Using small tools, he picks away to draw out the incredibly detailed design. The finished model is then used to create a stencil for the actual frame....

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Art Collective Creates Tiny Store Fronts in Sweden for Mice

They say this is the best place in town if you only want to grab a small bite.   In the Swedish town of Malmö, art collective Anonymouse has decided to open up a few cozy restaurants and store fronts. Each location is a mom and pop shop of sorts, though considering the circumstances, you might call them Mickey and Minnie shops.   A photo posted by Fifth Wall TV (@fifthwalltv) on Dec 11, 2016 at 3:38am PST A photo posted by AnonyMouse (@anonymouse_mmx) on Oct 17, 2016 at 8:14am PDT A photo posted by sigunsdotter (@sigunsdotter) on Dec...

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Even King Arthur Would Have Wanted This Table

Perhaps Merlin wasn’t a wizard, but rather a time-traveler who went to England in the early Middle Ages to help write history. Perhaps he had a table just like this and told King Arthur about it and they got really excited. Why else would knights of that day want a round table when long wooden tables in great halls of stone were the norm? Think about it, this would perfect for any epoch or era. This table is a wooden transformer that is your friend when it comes to hosting duties and family gatherings. Oh, you’re only four for...

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