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Living In A Luxury Tent In The Forest

This is either the ultimate in comfortable camping, or a really stripped down permanent living setup. The Lotus Belle Tent is an incredible piece of technology that gives you what amounts to a studio apartment out in the wilderness. You could make a Bed and Breakfast out of a few of these tents! A man trying to build a tiny house decided to get one of these tents to serve as his living space while the tiny house is being built. Why? All to escape the ‘rent trap’ which makes lots of people almost resentful about renting apartments and...

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French Architect Designs Futuristic Floating City

There are many who feel that the Age of Discovery is on hiatus. We do not have the capability to explore the stars fully, and there are no more places to truly discover on Earth. However, our oceans remain largely unexplored (less than five percent has been explored). One Frenchman is hoping to change that. While we’ve all seen Kevin Costner’s Waterworld and thought it to be ridiculously implausible, some have seen that as inspiration. French architect Jacques Rougerie has put before the public his concept of a floating futuristic ocean base that could be used for scientific study....

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