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VonShef Frozen Dessert Maker: Prepare Healthy Desserts the Whole Family Will Love

Click here to Buy The VonShef frozen dessert maker is perfect for the entire family! It’s designed to prepare delicious, healthy, frozen desserts quickly and easily. The desserts are similar to typical soft-serve ice cream, but with no preservatives and smaller sugar or dairy counts. Advertisement Place your ingredients in the chute and wait for the rotating blade to work its magic! You can stick to regular fruit, or you can add chocolate or peanut butter for a more indulgent treat! Advertisement Cleanup is easy too—removing and washing the chute, blade, and plunger is quick and simple! Available Here....

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The Cuisinart Vertical Waffle Maker – Pour Batter Through a Spout to Make Perfect Waffles

Click here to Buy The Cuisinart Vertical Waffle Maker is a waffle maker with a batter pour spout to make it easier for you to fill it. Just take the batter cup that’s included and fill it with batter. This will be the exact amount of batter you need to fill the vertical waffle maker. Pour it in the batter spout. Use the five-setting browning controls to dial the specific type of waffle you prefer. When it’s finished baking the waffle, the vertical waffle maker will beep three times to notify you. To remove the waffle, simply push the...

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The Yaylabs Ice Cream Ball – Make Ice Cream by Playing with a Ball

The Yaylabs Ice Cream Ball is a soft-sided ball that makes approximately one pint or quart of homemade ice cream with about 25 minutes of active play. To use the ice cream ball, simply add a mixture of cream, sugar, and vanilla in one end of the ball. On the other end of the ball, add ice and rock salt. Twist the lids and push down to lock them in place. That’s it! Now you just play with the ball (shake, roll, etc.) for about 25 minutes, and you’ll have a pint or quart of homemade ice cream to...

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Put Condensed Milk into a Slow Cooker for an Amazing Dessert

We all use our slow cookers for delicious soups, chilis, and side dishes. But did you know this handy kitchen tool can also make some incredible desserts with only one ingredient?   Usually desserts take a lot of prep time, but this recipe for caramel only requires three cans of sweetened condensed milk!   Basically, you pour the condensed milk into preserving jars, submerge it in hot water in your slow cooker, then cook it on low for eight hours. When it’s done, you’ll have delicious, golden, gooey caramel. Bonus: tie some ribbon around the jars and give them...

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