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Dick Van Dyke Is Stunned by a Special Birthday Flash Mob

Dick Van Dyke is a childhood legend for so many people. Between his classic films “Mary Poppins” and “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, most kids have seen his jolly personality and amazing dancing and singing.   Some of his many fans wanted to pay him back for all the joy he brought them. For the actor’s 90th birthday, fans gathered at The Grove in Los Angeles and danced and sang along to “Jolly Holiday,” Van Dyke’s popular song from “Mary Poppins.” Van Dyke was so moved by the beautiful performance. He even joined in with the singing and dancing! I...

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Dick Van Dyke Surprises Crowd with a Performance at Denny's

Dick Van Dyke is, surprisingly, still alive. In fact, he’s way more alive than you’d expect. Recently, he made an unexpected appearance at a Santa Monica Denny’s and treated the diner’s patrons to an impromptu performance with some friends of his. Currently, he’s preparing for a show with his quartet, the aptly named “Vantastix”. While they enjoyed their breakfast after an appearance on Good Day LA, the group performed the title songs from the classic film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The entire crowd was delighted. It’s good to see Dick Van Dyke full of so much life at his...

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