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Pongtu Toilet Disposable Sticker: Unclog Your Toilet By Pressing It Down

Click here to Buy The Pongtu Sticker Toilet Plunger is a Korean toilet plunging tool that uses a sticker to unclog your toilet. It allows you to unclog your toilet without splashing any of the dirty water on you. It’s essentially a giant yellow sticker that wraps around the edges of your toilet seat. This creates a vacuum seal that you can forcibly push the center to push the toilet contents down the tube. After you place the sticker on, flush your toilet to create a bubble of air between the sticker and the toilet water. Finally, press down...

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Quen Shoe Cover Machine: Cover the Bottom of Your Shoes with Disposable Plastic

The Quen Shoe Cover Machine is an incredible gadget that automatically covers the bottoms of your shoes when you step on it. It acts like a mini-shrink wrapping machine for your shoes – it’s great for jobs where shoe covers are required or maybe just to keep things clean. To use it, simply step on the device and it does everything automatically. It wraps the bottom of your shoes in plastic and then shrink wraps it to secure it in place. Whether it’s the airport, hospital, a laboratory or even just in your home, the Quen Shoe Cover Machine...

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