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Stuart Cove’s Dive Subs: Pilot Your Own Personal Submarine

Stuart Cove’s SUB Bahamas is the perfect activity for your next tropical getaway! This program lets you scuba dive in your own personal submarine. Your journey starts with a training course on your sub—learn the basics of piloting and simple communication gestures that you’ll need underwater. The custom-built 55′ vessels are extremely comfortable—perfect for beginners and experienced divers alike! During your journey, you and your friends will be escorted by a professional guide around one of Nassau’s most famous coral reef, feeding fish and seeing marine life along the way. With the personal submarines, you have the opportunity to...

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The High Dive To End All High Dives

Fair warning, this is not for those who are afraid of heights. Even some of the visuals are daunting. To realize that several people decided to dive from incredible heights of their own free will is scary and impressive. One of these divers was a professional known as Dana Kunde. This is his Guinness World Record Dive. Doing flips and falling with incredible grace, Dana does not hesitate to jump from his terrifying perch at 172 feet in the air. He pretty much sticks the landing, which would be almost impossible for any other person to accomplish. Because of...

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