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Amazing Dolphins Respond To Violin Music Outside Their Aquarium

Animals can be so amazing. They are far more emotionally intelligent than humans will ever be.   At the Acquario di Genova aquarium, a violinist approaches the dolphin tank and begins to play.   She knocks Moana’s “How Far I’ll Go” out of the park, but that’s not the amazing part.   The best part of the video is when the dolphins become captivated by the music. Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Bierstick: Down 2 Beers in Less Than 2 Seconds Perfect for those who want to win at any beer chugging contests, this gadget will let you chug up...

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Passerby Finds A Beached Baby Dolphin, and Rescues Him!

When a sea animal is beached, the situation rarely ends happily. They lack the ability to return themselves to the water and they can’t survive on land for long. The best case scenario for a beached sea animal is that somebody comes along and helps them back on their feet – or flippers, as the case may be.   Thankfully for this young dolphin, Naude Dreyer was around. Dreyer owns and operates a kayaking business in Namibia. It was while he was on a kayaking tour that he noticed the little animal in need of a helping flipper. Dreyer...

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Woman Ends Up Wakeboarding With Dolphins

Everyone has a few moments in their life that they would consider unforgettable, and this was clearly such a moment for this woman. Maybe it was a moment in childhood, or when you became a parent, or perhaps something entirely different when you had an unforgettable moment. But no matter what it was, this is something you’d never forget. While cruising around and wakeboarding in the Sea of Cortez near Baja, Mexico, this lady and the crew from Pro-Windsurf La Ventana stumbled upon a truly massive pod of dolphins having their own fun in the sun. It was a...

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