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Deceased Man Donates His Home And Collection Of 30,000 Toy Cars To Local Church

Dennis Erikson was a man that was passionate about two things – the church and cars. Prior to his death, he was an active member in his local church community. He did not have any remaining family, and his friends had passed away. Because of this, he decided to give his most expensive possession to the church – his home. Upon entering the house, the church members found out that Dennis had been an avid collector of toy cars. Not only that, but he also owned a few real cars as well. In his home, the cars were stored...

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Budweiser Clydesdales Delivers 2 Tons Of Purina Horse Food To Horse Rescue Shelter

When it comes to corporate symbols and brand ambassadors, the Budweiser majestic Clydesdale horses are one of the most notable ones.     In this amazing video, the Clydesdales are seen trotting to the Far View Horse Rescue in Colorado. Their appearance was a huge surprise to all the volunteers of the Far View Horse Rescue who thought they were attending for a thank you speech. They not only received a huge thank you speech, but also 2 tons of donated Purina horse feed just in time for the cold winter. Everyone was so excited to see the Clydesdales,...

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