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Remarkable: The Tablet That Works and Feels Like Real Paper

The Remarkable tablet is perfect for the person who can’t live without paper products! It’s designed to perform like real paper while giving the user all the benefits of working on a tablet. It reads, writes, and sketches with a real paper feel—the tablet reads like ink on paper. With the marker, you can annotate right on the page and easily transfer documents, PDFs, and ebooks wirelessly. It has days of battery time, and it’s even optimized for use in sunlight. With 100,000 pages in the device, you’ll never run out of paper again! Available Here. Watch the demo...

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Digital Artist Stonehouse Illustrates A Lifetime In Four Minutes

When it comes to people, it’s always good to take a second look before judging.   Sometimes they make look older than you think, sometimes they may look younger.   For digital artist Stonehouse, he decided to illustrate a series of portraits of all ages: young and old, from birth to death, using classic and fine art techniques in a digital illustration program. He shifts the portraits starting with a newborn baby to the ending portrait of an elderly woman. His attention to detail as he changes the portraits frame by frame is astounding. Check out Stonehouse’s illustrations...

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