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How To Become A Master At Cross Hatching With Ink And Pen

When it comes to putting pen to paper and creating a great drawing, the internet has been a veritable wunderkind for all the offerings it has unleashed. This example in particular represents an especially useful watch for those yet to be assured how to marry up the effective use of pen and ink in one design. Dan Nelson takes us through how to create beautiful illustrations with a particular focus on the concept of cross hatching. Beyond any artistic pursuits of your own, this is also outstanding to watch for the meticulous skill and precision of Nelson himself. via...

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Genius Way To Paint Even The Most Detailed Mural On Your Wall

Redditor Martinus decided his dining room wall needed… something. Not wanted to spend his dollars on expensive wall art, Martinus decided to take the matter into his own hands. With no illustration or painting experience, he created this wall art below. via martinus This Wall Is Boring Supplies Paint, paint brushes, painter’s tape, and a roller. He also added 10% to the paint to make for easier painting. More Supplies! This is a brilliant idea. Find A Cool Photo This is a still from the movie Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa. The Same Photo, Simplified Using Inkscape (http://www.inkscape.org/en/), the...

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These Rooms Reveal Hidden Worlds After Dark

Bogi Fabian paints murals like no other. These depictions of galaxies, planets, under the sea worlds, and beyond are beautiful with an avatar-esque edge to them. What makes them so special? They glow! Using UV paints, Fabian creates stunning murals that create different effects based on the lighting. The first is the mural under conventional lighting or daylight. When a UV light is shone on the murals, as second layer is exposed. Finally, the third layer is revealed when all lights are turned off. Fabian is currently based out of Vienna, where she not only paints murals, but ceramics...

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Guy Invites Strangers To Sharpie His Old Volkswagen, The Result Is Amazing.

This man turned his old beat up 1986 Volkswagen bus into a piece of community art. Friends and beer combined with Sharpies and good artistic instincts produced the unique bus pictured below. Though none of the crew claim to be artists, the creative talent is obvious. Imgur user Nabo cleverly chose a long weekend to start this project. Given the level of detail, it’s clear it must have taken a few days to complete. He started by painting the Volkswagen van white to give a fresh canvas for the Sharpies. He then invited some good friends to graffiti his...

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