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Drop Shot: The Drinking Game That Brings Fun and Suspense

Available here Do you want the be the life of your holiday party? The Drop Shot is perfect for you! It’s designed to bring a fun new element to standard drinking games. This game combines suspense, fun, and of course alcohol in one nifty gadget. If you love the classic pie in the face game, you’ll love this fun party twist at your next get together with friends and family. Playing the game is easy: roll the dice to determine how many times you twist the knob, and if you lose the game, you have to do the shot!...

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AquaBoy Pro II: Drink Water Made from the Air

You can now drink purified water from the air around you! The AquaBoy Pro II is designed to produce clean, great-tasting water directly from the air in your living space. It can make from 2-5 gallons of drinking water per day using the latest technology. With just the push of a button, you can have hot or cold purified water that can be used for cooking, hot tea, gourmet coffee, and more! Installation is very simple—just plug it in and follow the quick start instructions! It’s also incredibly easy to use: all you need to do is push a...

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