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Drummers Synchronized Military Music Performance Makes Hearts Skip a Beat

The Top Secret Drum Corps is a precision drum corps based in Basel, Switzerland. With 25 drummers and colorguard members, the corps became famous for its six-minute routine performed at the Edinburgh Tattoo (annual military music performances) in 2003.   In 2012, the Top Secret Drum Corps returned to the eerie set of Edinburgh Tattoo and threw on a performance that was absolutely breath-taking for the crowd.   Throughout the performance, my heart skips a beat as the drummers never make a misstep or mistake, as they close it up to the finale with a bang that leaves the...

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5 Teens Perform A Scottish Drumline Routine At High School Talent Show

For some students, the school talent show is about showcasing your talents and giving a good performance.   For others, it’s about having fun with friends.   For these 5 American students, it was a mix of both.   Nigel, Dylan, Matt, Elias, and Jordan formed a group known as “The Hot Scots” for their 2011 Lake Howell High School talent show and performed a drumline routine that blew the crowd away.   In their prop Scottish kilts, the young boys won over the audience with their amazing drum skills.   Watch their performance...

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Piano Guys Add Scottish Flair To Their Mashup Of “Fight Song” And “Amazing Grace”

YouTube sensations The Piano Guys are known for their amazing rendition and covers of song using their amazing talents on various instruments.   In this unique mashup, The Piano Guys add a Scottish twist to the classic hymn “Amazing Grace” and hit songwriter/artist Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song”.   Musicians are dressed in traditional Scottish attire throughout the entire video and can be seen playing the drums, as well as, the bagpipes.   On top of the amazing musical work, the video features incredible camera work of the stunning landscapes of Scotland. It’s pretty easy to tell why this video...

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Drum Corps Blows Audience Away in Scotland

Switzerland is notable for a few things: chocolate, alps, Ricola, neutrality, and, apparently, drums. In fact, Basel, Switzerland’s Top Secret Drum Corps is so impressive at the drumming part, you won’t even care that they suck at being top secret (seriously, it’s written across their drums).   They’re a big hit in Basel, a city that has a very active drumming community. In fact, they’re so talented, they had the honor to be the first non-military drum corps to perform at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Festival. Unless Drumline and Drumline: A New Beat are your favorite movies, you...

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