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Neglected Ducks Take Their First Swim After Being Rescued

Woodstock Animal Sanctuary recently rescued dozens of ducks who had been trapped with hoarders who kept them in tiny cage. They had been living for years in pens, never being allowed in the water. When the rescuers realized these aquatic birds had never lived out their full ducky potential, they realized they had to get the duckies in the pond. After some gentle coaxing towards the water, look at the reactions! Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Bierstick: Down 2 Beers in Less Than 2 Seconds Perfect for those who want to win at any beer chugging contests, this gadget will...

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You Should Never Feed Bread To Ducks, Here’s The Reason Why

Any park or pond you visit across the country is very likely to have ducks.   When I was a kid I used to love going down to the river to feed the birds little scraps of bread that we had laying around the house.   I didn’t know that I might be doing more harm than good.   You have to be careful what you feed these little water fowl. Bread is a huge issue. It’s even worse if it’s stale. The highly processed manner in which bread is produced doesn’t sit well in a duck’s stomach. Ducks...

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Baby Duck Follows Human Like He's Its Mother

Ducks: Mother Nature’s only acceptable bird companions.   Where most birds are pests, ducks are endlessly amusing. They’re more like your class clown friend than any kind of nuisance. The guy in this video likely knows that better than most.   Charley the Duck is still a tiny duckling. He loves his owner, who he looks up to like his mother. Baby ducks, as you may know, follow their mothers everywhere in a single file line. Similarly, Charley follows his owner up and down the driveway like a good little duckling following his mother. It’s so adorable that the...

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The Touching Story Of A Dog And His Duck

Nature can be beautiful, but it can also be brutal and sometimes terrifying. And sometimes, nature can be so strange that different species can and will come together and be there for each other. It certainly seems to be the case between George the dog and Donald the duck.   See, George had lost his lifelong partner Blackie two years ago. George was beside himself with grief and fell into a deep depression. Apparently his grief and anxiety had gotten so bad that George himself almost died, according to his owner, Jacquie Litton.   A Dog and his Duck…..To...

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Duck Feeds Its Fish Friends From a Little Metal Bowl

You know those people who go to the park to feed the ducks? Well this is like that, only this time the duck is doing the feeding.   We like to do the occasional story about odd animal friend pairings, so here’s another to try on for size. A video has recently emerged of a duck feeding its fish friends in a pond. The duck, who has a small silver bowl, doles out small amounts of food to the fish, who appear to be reddish-orange koi of some variety. The video is nothing revolutionary, but it’s too adorable to...

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