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Bumble Bee Canned Tuna Issues Nationwide Recall Due To Sterilization Problems

Canned Tuna and many other canned products are a quick and easy way to have a snack. But with this recent recall, is it really worth the health risks it possesses?     Amongst many other brands, Bumble Bee stands out as one of the most popular. However, in March, they released a voluntary recall on one of its most popular products – Chunk Light tuna. The reasoning behind it is that the commercial sterilization process could have resulted in contamination and presented life-threatening illnesses upon consumption. A total of 31,579 cases were included in the recall from products...

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Monkey Tries to Eat a Grape

Monkeys – what can’t they do?   Apparently, not much. They go to space, trade on the stock market, and overall just do the things that humans do – but cuter.   This little fellow is no different. Watch below as this adorable baby monkey licks away to its heart’s content at a grape that is far too big for him to eat. It doesn’t matter that it’s half the size of his head; it’s delicious and he’s going to eat. Check out the adorably heart warming video below! 🙂 So Adorable Posted by Amazing World on Monday, 30...

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