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Teacher Leaves Personalized Messages on Her Students' Desks

A good teacher makes a big difference. At the end of the school year, students in New Jersey are subjected to the PARCC standardized test. As with any test, sometimes students feel the mounting pressure. So, to ease nerves on the day of the test, fifth grade teacher Chandni Langford wrote each of her students a personalized message on their desk before class started that day.   As per PARCC regulations, all written materials must be erased or hidden from sight before the test begins, so Mrs. Langford wrote the messages in dry erase marker. Each one is addressed...

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Teacher Writes Student Encouraging Letter After He Gets His SAT Results

Most of us have skills and talents that simply cannot be measured by standardized tests. It’s entirely possible to be a well-rounded, highly-educated and intelligent person and still not do well on standardized tests. This is because they are designed to measure a specific set of skills. The SATs in particular were originally designed to test whether a solider in the U.S. military had “what it takes” to be an officer one day.   Still, a lot of pressure can be put on people who take these tests, on purpose or otherwise. That’s why it was so refreshing when...

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15 Kids With the Wittiest Test Answers

Some kids take longer to learn than others, and some kids are naturally gifted. Some kids also manage to provide the world with some of the wittiest and funniest test answers ever, whether they realize it or not. Here are fifteen kids who had some wonderfully creative answers to questions. #1. Technically, He’s Being Accurate via imgur   #2. This Kid Already Has A Good Mantra About Life via upvoteHero   #3. Five Years Old And Already So Wise via Rcrowley32   #4. I Wouldn’t Want To Be On An Island With This Kid… via ChrisGable   #5. So...

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His Teacher Made Him Cry When She Handed Out This Note To The Class

Rylan is a 9-year-old student in third grade who, back at the end of February, was about to take his first series of standardized tests. As one of our editors will be sure to tell you, he hates standardized testing with a fiery passion. Often criticized and sometimes controversial, standardized testing is important for school districts. They are needed to acquire funding, but the emphasis and importance placed on them can lead to incredible stress for the students, especially the younger ones. Rylan’s teacher had her hands tied, but she did her best to address the children before the...

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Japanese Train Station Remains Open For A Single High School Student

Talk about no child left behind… On Japan’s most northern island of Hokkaido, a rural train station has only one person who regularly waits for her train.   At the Kyu-Shirataki station, a single high school student is the train’s sole passenger in the morning, and its sole passenger in the afternoon. It may seem like a waste of taxpayer dollars at first, but the taxpayers themselves want it. Even though train ridership has fallen dramatically in the rural areas of Japan, the rail network that runs the line (Japan Railways) has kept it open for good reason and...

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