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Golden Goose Egg Scrambler: The Most Fun Way to Eat Eggs

Click here to Buy The Golden Goose Egg Scrambler is perfect for the egg lover in your life! It’s designed to scramble your egg in the shell with no breaking. Simply place a raw egg in the insert, secure the two sides, wind the nylon cords, then pull on the handles—that’s it! Because it’s designed to spin the egg in place, not bounce around, it can fit eggs of all shapes and sizes! Use it to make hard- or soft-boiled eggs, fried eggs, or deviled eggs! Plus, it’s dishwasher safe for easy cleanup! Available Here Watch the demo down...

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Man Finds Tiny White Eggs In His Garden, Then Finds Out They're Baby Geckos

For any gardener, you come out to your garden hoping you have blooming, beautiful flowers to take pictures of.   In this case, imgur user Maddabber, came out to his garden discovering mysterious eggs in a hollow log. While it may not be a blooming, beautiful scenery at the start, it’s the event that took place afterwards that makes it worthwhile.   After going out to get some work done, the gardener found a clutch of tiny white eggs scattered inside the log. via Imgur – Maddabber via Imgur – Maddabber The whole collection fit in the palm of...

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'Eggsposing' Egg Expiration Dates

Ever since this man cracked the case, these companies must have egg on their face. Talk about doing some ‘eggceptional’ research. That was the last egg pun, we promise. While egg puns are easy and fun, this is very educational with regard to how fresh the eggs you buy in a supermarket are. These folks dedicated to homesteading decided to find out what exactly it means when a store bought carton of eggs says “farm fresh” on the label. The results are actually quite interesting, and sometimes downright shocking. No one is trying to turn you off of delicious...

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