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Stewart Electric Golf Cart: The Only Golf Cart That Follows You Around the Course

Click here to Buy The Stewart Follow Golf Cart will make your time on the golf course much more relaxing! It’s designed to follow you around wherever you go—no more lugging around a heavy bag. It unfolds in a single movement, ensuring you don’t spend too much of your time setting it up. It connects to a remote via Bluetooth—simply hook the remote to your pants and watch as your cart follows you wherever you go! It folds to 32″ x 26″ x 12″, making sure it fits right where it needs to! Available Here. Watch the demo down...

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Wi-Charge: Charge Your Electronic Devices Wirelessly Anywhere in Your Room

The Wi-Charge is like the Wi-Fi for charging your electronic devices. It gets rid of the power cord and enables long range wireless power for a wide range of products including: smartphones, tablets, surveillance cameras, smoke detectors and more. It delivers the remote wireless charging like a Wi-Fi router from a device you attach at the top of a room. It works using two units: the transmitter unit and the receiver unit. The transmitter unit is the device you attach on the ceiling. It attaches to a power source (standard AC, DC or USB) to deliver power to receivers....

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