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Baby Elephant Collapses In The Road And The Whole Herd Comes To Help

Humans aren’t the only animal that suffers in the heat of summer. Our poor furry friends like cats and dogs are stuck with their fur coats and try and keep cool in a variety of ways. In the vast and wild savannas of Africa however, there is no such thing as air condition for the animals that happen to live there. In front of several tourists out on an excursion, one poor baby elephant succumbed to the heat and collapsed exhausted in the middle of the road. Within seconds, her family and herd surrounded her, carefully watching her and...

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Rescued Baby Elephant Is Best Friends With A German Shepherd Puppy

Turns out that dogs aren’t just man’s best friend, but elephant’s best friend as well. Being social creatures, they can often help each other form familial and friendship bonds. This baby elephant is named Ubuntu, but he is affectionately known as “Ellie.” He arrived at the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage in South Africa after being rejected by his herd. Being critically ill with a normally fatal umbilical abscess, the odds of survival weren’t looking good for Ellie. It was a struggle to feed him and being an elephant, he needed some kind of socialization in order to have a...

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These Baby Elephants Can't Help But Play With Everything!

Play is not just important to human development, but to all animals upon the earth. In fact, we even make a point now of recording videos of various animals and pets at play. Puppies and kittens are obviously the most adorable, but it’s also fun to see birds, horses, goats, monkeys, and even dolphins playing without a care in the world. But elephant play can be a little dangerous. After all, a baby elephant is still a heavy force to be reckoned with. Thankfully, the domesticated ones are fairly gentle and still very adorable. They play around with old...

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Adorable Elephant Falls Asleep To A Lullaby

Faamai may be a big elephant, but she’s an even bigger baby. No matter what, she always falls asleep after hearing a lullaby from Lek, one of the handlers at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It doesn’t seem quite as effective on the other elephants, which really just proves the running theory that she’s a big baby. Lullabies are great, but they sort of stop being effective after a certain age. Maybe Faamai is actually a baby that’s growing up? Elephants are big creatures, and they are one of the heaviest newborns in the animal kingdom....

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She Was Relaxing Outside When Her Pool Is Taken Over By Unexpected Guests

Every pool owner knows that if you get an in-ground pool, you’re going to end up with a few pests. Mosquitos, dragon flies, elephants –   – Wait, elephants?!   Well, apparently. Just ask this woman.   She woke up one beautiful morning and decided to look out her window to see the sunrise over her backyard. What she was met with instead was a pack of pachyderms slurping down her swimming water. Immediately, she reached for her phone and started recording. Apparently, she was way too excited because she shot the whole thing vertically. Even after they’re found...

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