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What Would You Do If You Had The Power To Summon Elephants?

To celebrate Earth Day, here’s a video featuring the largest mammals on the face of the Earth. At the Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand, this man begins to call out for an elephant named “Kham-Lha.” The response he gets sounds like the cry of a dinosaur from Jurassic Park. Only the trumpeting that follows lets you know that these are elephants and that Thailand is not hiding a dinosaur park in their hills. It’s amazing to see not just Kham-Lha but her entire family come over to say hello to this man and the eager and excited tourists...

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The Incredible Story Of Africa's 'Elephant Queen'

Elephants are grand, majestic, and noble creatures. They live as long as humans and, just like humans, show a respect and reverence for their dead relatives. They are family oriented and loving animals, with some elephants even dying of a broken heart. That’s why Daphne Sheldrick’s work is so important. Being social creatures, elephants need lots of love, attention, care, and a family in order to be healthy. Daphne lives in Nairobi, Kenya and runs an elephant orphanage that helps give orphaned baby elephants a new start, a loving family, and eventual reintegration with a herd in the wild...

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