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8 Year-Old Singer Gets the Surprise of His Life When Ed Sheeran Shows Up on Ellen’s Show

Ellen Degeneres often brings talented, ordinary people on her show and shows off their gifts to the world, but she hardly ever brings the actual original artist on with them! Eight year old Kai is an Ellen staple—he appeared a few years ago to sing Katy Perry’s “Roar” and came back to sing a Bruno Mars song. This time, Ellen had him back to sing the Ed Sheeran hit song “Thinking Out Loud.” In the middle of his passionate performance, the singer himself secretly slips out and watches him from behind. Wait until the moment Kai realizes who’s behind...

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9-Year-Old's Advice On Being Different Leaves Ellen Speechless

Ezra Frech is a little 9-year-old athlete. He’s no regular athlete though. Frech actually had many challenges to overcome in his life including being born with only one finger on his left hand and a leg that was curved. Doctors had amputated the leg and surgically moved a big toe from his foot to act as a thumb for his left hand.   Despite his disabilities, Ezra has proven to be an incredible athlete. He plays a variety of sports including basketball, soccer, and football. However, his favorite sport is track and field. Ezra tells Ellen, “I set 7...

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