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This Rare Elvis Presley Performance Will Leave Chills Down Your Spine—At 1:19, I Was Blown Away

Elvis Presley is truly The King.   We all can agree that Elvis is one of the greatest performers of his generation, but very few people have seen him perform right up until his final days.   Just weeks before he died of a heart attack in 1977, he performed Unchained Melody at a concert in Rapid City, South Dakota.   He seems a little rough during the introduction, but when he starts to sing, all that goes away and you’re left with a stunning song.   It’s eerie to hear him sing this song, especially knowing he would...

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Elvis Presley's Daughter Sings Beautiful Duet with Her Late Father

Elvis Presley is a music legend who died far too soon. Luckily, his magic lives on in his daughter, musician Lisa Marie Presley, and she’s combining her father’s talents with her own for a special reason.   In order to raise money for the Presley Foundation, Lisa Marie recorded herself singing her father’s song “In the Ghetto,” then edited Elvis’s voice in to create a beautiful and moving duet. The sound of father and daughter singing together is something you will never forget.   Among other things, the Presley Foundation raises awareness for those living in poverty and domestic...

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