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Kingii Floatation Device: Pull the Lever and Stay Afloat

Available here Wearing a life vest can be cumbersome and uncomfortable and most people don’t have any room to carry a flotation device on them. Well, that’s where Kingii comes in. Kingii is a compact, wearable, inflatable safety device designed for use in any situation around water. With the pull of a trigger, a small airbag is released and will pull you right up to the surface of the water. It is made of a durable material and can stay inflated for up to 48 hours at a time. On top of that, the CO2 capsules are replaceable! The...

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AutoXscape Lifesaving Flashlight: A Military-Grade Emergency Tool for Any Situation

Click here to Buy The AutoXscape Vehicle-Mounted Lifesaving Flashlight is perfect for anyone who owns a vehicle! It mounts in your car and is designed to help you during any roadside emergency. It’s made with military-grade aluminum to last through extreme conditions. It features high-powered LED bulbs, and has three lighting modes: high, low, and SOS. The seatbelt cutter is made of the hardest high-carbon steel, letting you cut through your seatbelt with minimal effort. It also includes a high-strength mount with screws and industrial-grade adhesive. Available Here Watch the demo down below!   Advertisement Where To Buy AutoXscape...

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