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Taxi Drivers in Manchester Offer Free Rides To Help Victims Escape

During the Manchester Arena bombing, everyone was in panic. The crisis reached its peak just as this man, AJ, and others drove up to the stadium. He had a sign taped to the back of his taxi, which read: “Free Taxi”. Many taxi drivers around the city decided to turn off their meters and help the victims. Men like AJ. Working his taxi free of charge through the night in Manchester. A beautiful soul. pic.twitter.com/0QG9Z2bxY9 — Jason Michael (@Jeggit) May 23, 2017 He told Channel 4 News that he had helped reunite loved ones, taken people to the hospital...

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You Need to Watch Her Hands—This Could Save Your Pooch's Life

When you decide to get a pet, all you tend to think about is how cute it’ll be and how happy the two of you will be together. After all, you both get an instant best friend!   But it’s also important to think about what to do if there’s an emergency with your beloved furry buddy. If something goes wrong, you are your animal’s sole caretaker. Thankfully, this video gives great advice about giving your dog life-saving help, and every dog owner needs to watch it—your puppy will thank you one day. Watch the full technique in the...

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Navy Veteran Rescues a Mystery Woman Dangling from an Interstate Bridge

Paul DeLaughter was driving down the freeway when he noticed an unusual sight – an adult woman dangling from a chain-link fence, legs swinging, just above a bridge that crosses over several lanes. It’s the kind of unexpected sight that would make you stop your car and get out to assess the situation. Surprisingly, nobody did. Instead, most people drove past, honking at the inconvenience. Not Paul, though. As a 23-year Navy veteran, he knew he had to lend a hand to this woman in distress. He stopped on the freeway, directing others to do the same. As he...

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