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Woman Forgets Her Keys In Her Car. She Calls Her Husband, Then He Says This

This joke involves a woman who thought she forgot her keys in her car.   When she came out to check if her car was still on the parking lot, she found out it was gone. So like most wives would do in this situation, she called her husband to tell him the unfortunate news.   This was his reply:     Haha! Laughed? I’m sure these moments have happened to you before. Be sure to share with your friends and family!   h/t The Daily...

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Restaurant Reserves Empty Booth In Memory Of Five Slain Police Officers

Going to a restaurant to eat is a great way to spend time with your love ones. You get the chance to sit down and connect with one another over some delicious food. Typically, when you go to a restaurant, you’ll get the option to choose a booth or a table to sit at.   However, on this particular night, restaurant Texas Roadhouse decided to make one specific booth unavailable to families to sit at. When a family spotted the empty booth, they were curious as to why the booth was reserved. Then, they came to take a closer...

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