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Tennis Player Stops Exhibition Tennis Match So Worried Mother Could Find Her Lost Girl

In huge crowds for sporting events, it’s not uncommon for children to slip away from their parents’ grasps and into the crowd. That’s exactly what happened when this little girl, Carla, got lost in a crowd of 7000 during a doubles exhibition match for tennis.   World number one superstar tennis player, Rafael Nadal, was about to serve, until he noticed the distraught mother and understood the situation. He hears the mother shout, “Carla”, in hopes to find the little girl. Rafael decides to stop the match for a moment, so that the crowd could understand the situation and...

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Orangutan Decides To Play Catch With Man When Tossed His Favorite Treat

When you go to the zoo, you tend to mainly watch the animals. You get very limited interaction with the amazing creatures and sometimes, it’s for good reason. One of the most common rules at zoos, around the world, is to not feed the animals. The food may harm the animals, anger them, or encourage them to come get more. For these reasons and more, zoos and most people have established to not feed the animals.   But on this particular day, Vitaly R. decides to bend the rules a bit. While visiting a zoo in Moscow with some...

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