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Experience Tube: Enjoy Distraction-Free Quality Time with Your Friends and Family

The Experience Tube is perfect for the person who won’t put their phone down! It’s designed to make you focus on your friends and family without getting distracted by the world around you. Simply shove your faces in either end of the tube and you’re instantly surrounded by stripes and fun—no technology in sight! Made of soft striped fabric, the Experience Tube won’t irritate your skin while you’re having fun! Once both faces are inside the tube, you can tenderly jiggle the fabric to activate the stripes! It’s perfect for all ages—although parental supervision is recommended for children under...

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Rhinowolf: All-In-One Super Tent That Attaches to Make a Group Tent

The Rhinowolf is a complete outdoor sleeping system: tent, air-mattress and sleeping bag all in one. It saves space and zips all together in one 2.5kg (5.5 lbs) package. With the Rhinowolf, you can do solo, duo or group camping by connecting multiple Rhinowolves together with its innovative, modular design. The Rhinowolf is all held together by a 1-pole spine mechanism. The super-strong single pole spine design means a lighter load and an easy and quick set-up. To set up your Rhinowolf, all you need to do is: 1) Unpack and unroll RhinoWolf. 2) Thread the one rod through...

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The Scorkl – Portable Oxygen Container to Breathe Underwater Freely

Click here to Buy The SCORKL is a portable oxygen container that lets you experience the scuba diving experience with the portability of snorkeling equipment. To use it, first, you refill the SCORKL with a hand pump or even an actual scuba tank. Once it’s filled, just attach the SCORKL to your mouth and breathe as you normally would! It’s recommended that non-scuba trained users should not use the SCORKL below 3m depth or more than 5 times in one day. For scuba-trained users, it’s recommended you not go below 10m depth. With SCORKL, you can breathe for up...

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