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Don't Feel Like Drinking A Coke? Here's 20 Practical Uses Instead

You see it everywhere and chances are you’ve already had at least one this week. We’re talking about Coca-Cola, the world’s most popular drink. It’s even cheaper to drink Coca-Cola than water in many parts of the world. But can we love something too much and for the wrong reasons?   A cold and refreshing coke on a hot summer afternoon is a splendid thing indeed, but Coca-Cola has staggering amounts of sugar and a relatively high acidity, making it terrible for your teeth and health overall. In fact, it’s so strong and loaded that Coca-Cola can have practical...

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Probiotics And The Benefits Of Fermented Foods

I might step on a few toes here, but I am really starting to dislike the over-saturation of antibiotics on the market. A lot of this stems from misinformation about antibiotics. Case in point, some people will take them for a common cold when a common cold is caused by a virus, not bacteria. Additionally, heavy or frequent use of antibiotics can have negative effects on your body. Antibiotics target ALL bacteria, including the good bacteria in your body. This means that the good bacteria found in your stomach gets reduced and causes diet and digestion problems as a...

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10 Reasons To Have More Ginger In Your Life

When we think of China, many things may come to mind. Perhaps it’s the Great Wall, or kung fu, or maybe the food. While foods vary across China, there are some consistencies and ginger is one of them. As it turns out, ginger doesn’t just add an incredibly unique flavor to food, but it’s also quite healthy for you. In fact, it’s been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries if not millennia. Ginger itself contains the perfectly named ‘gingerol’, which is one of the main compounds found in the plant that has some medicinal benefits. So whether you...

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Why Exactly Do LEGO Bricks Hurt So Bad When You Step On Them?

I once heard someone say that Hell definitely has to be paved with hidden LEGO bricks to ensure eternal foot pain in the great inferno below. For a brief moment, I believed them. It’s hard to believe that something so small and colorful could be so painful. Many people (especially parents of young and messy children) agree that few things are more painful than an errant LEGO brick in the dead of night. But just why exactly do we find these seemingly innocent plastic bricks to be so unbelievably painful? Well, the American Chemical Society’s Youtube channel is here...

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Pizzas From $1 to $1000 in New York City

Across the five boroughs and the bold Big Apple are a wide variety of pizzas, and they are all priced accordingly. From a ninety-nine cent piece of authentic New York style pizza to a whopping $1,000 for a premium pizza experience. From a simple yet high quality dough, sauce, and cheese mixture, to an eclectic and highly expensive mix of creme fraiche, chives, caviar, lobster tail, salmon roe, and wasabi. The City That Never Sleeps is also a city of stark contrasts. From the poverty of Queens and The Bronx to the high-flying lifestyles of Park Avenue, it is...

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