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Flower Girl Gives Her Father A Lesson On Wedding Etiquette

Don’t you just love it when children think they know everything? It’s adorable. Although, we suspect most of us put up with it when children do it because they’re cute. Sometimes kids make the most peculiar demands and give the most interesting and adorable lectures, which is the case with this little girl. Once again, we see the young and pretty JoJo give her dad a bit of a ‘don’t embarrass me’ lecture about the proper wedding etiquette she expects him to display when the big day comes alongside her moment as flower girl. A great and fun clip...

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15 Health And Fitness Myths BUSTED

As we approach beach season, some of us are reassessing our exercise and eating regimes. Here are some helpful health myths busted that will aid in achieving your fitness goals, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. #1. Spot targeting specific areas means you can choose where to lose fat. Photo Source – memegenerator.net FALSE – Targeted fat loss, or spot reduction as it’s more commonly known, does not work – despite the infomercials saying otherwise. Several studies have concluded that targeting specific areas to lose fat, such as crunches to rid belly fat, or lunges to tone thighs, have no...

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The Simple High School Math Problem That Has Torn The Internet Apart

There has been a logic question from Singapore that has gone viral. You have likely heard of the math problem involving Cheryl, Albert, and Bernard. If not, here’s a recap below. via The Guardian The Problem The Answer It’s a tricky puzzle to solve and has stumped many mathematicians and scholars. Alex Bellos, of the Guardian set out to solve the puzzle and so did we. Both of us arrived at the same answer; here’s how. Firstly, we know Albert is told the month of Cheryl’s birthday. This means her birthday is either in May, June, July, or August....

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Man Asks An Elderly Woman Why She's Alone On A Cruise Ship. Her Response Shocks Him.

There is an old story re-circulating the internet. The story of a person on a cruise ship who encounters a retiree living aboard. It seems like a convincing idea! But how truthful is it? The story itself is approximately 10 years old and the question of wether cruise ship retiring is a viable option has been discussed many times. Let’s examine some pros and cons. The Pros #1. The Best Amenities One thing is for certain, cruise ships are not lacking in amenities. Most cruise lines boast exquisite dining, entertainment, and shopping. You can attend live shows every evening,...

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Costa Rica Powered With Only 100% Renewable Energy For 75 Days Straight

Costa Rica has achieved a milestone in the quest for renewable, sustainable energy. The small country has a total area of 51 000 square kilometres, and a population of 4.8 million. Since January, the country has functioned on 100% renewable power – that’s over 75 straight days! According to the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE), the ability to sustain the country on renewable energy was due to heavy rainfalls at four hydroelectric plants and the use of geothermal energy. via RenewEconomy – CleanTechnica – h/t: ScienceAlert Though Costa Rica is primarily known for its tourism and agriculture industries, the...

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