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His Neighbor’s Son Got His Daughter Pregnant, But When He Knocks on Their Door, He Doesn’t Expect to Hear This

This farmer’s daughter got pregnant with his neighbor’s son. So as any other father would do, the farmer decided to confront the neighbors at their doorsteps to talk to their son. But, when he knocked on the door, it was the younger brother that opened it to speak with him. The farmer hesitated before telling the boy about why he was at their front door. Then, the boy surprised him by saying this: Haha! It’s clear to see that he didn’t quite get the memo. The young boy must have gotten “the talk” early on from his parents! If...

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Young Farmers Create Parody Of Hit Pop Songs To Show Day-To-Day Lives

Being a farmer is no simple task, and these three young farmers – Greg, Nathan, and Kendal – know that’s the case.   To show the world about the daily activities of a farmer, the three farmers known as the Peterson Farm Bros, rewrites the lyrics of popular songs: “Watch Me” by Silento, “Hit The Quan” by ILoveMemphis and “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson, to give a hilarious parody that is both highly creative and entertaining for us to watch.   As the mashup happens in the video, the three brothers show various farm activities that they do on...

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Farmer Has Hilarious Response After A Banker Asks Him To Deposit His Money

When you go to the bank with a ton of cash, they’ll likely ask you to deposit it with them.   For this farmer, due to his past experiences with the banker, he opted not to.   When the farmer asked for a loan of $500, the bank asked him what he had for collateral. The farmer didn’t know what a collateral and the hilarious story below unfolded: LOL, Share this with your friends if you had a good laugh. via The Daily...

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