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She Shows 25 Ways To Tie A Scarf In Less Than 5 Minutes

Now that winter is here in full force, it’s time to bust out the winter clothes and this one is for the ladies and all fashionable people everywhere. An enterprising young woman has decided to be of help and show us more than a handful of ways to tie scarves to make things more interesting in the cold months ahead. There are 25 interesting, unique, and fashionable ways to tie scarves. It also comes with great production value, names for each technique, and just a little bit of humor from time to time. There’s no doubt a good handful...

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A Clever DIY For Recycling Your Old Sweaters

Just about everyone you know surely has one of those old and ugly looking sweaters. It’s outdated, and it’s unattractive. It was last socially acceptable to wear during the 90’s when Urkel was a fashion icon. Yet many of you may have held onto it with the idea you may one day use it again in some way, or perhaps it was a gift from a relative and you can’t bring yourself to part with it. Well, within this video exists another reason it’s perhaps worthwhile to hold on a little longer and give your old sweater a new...

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Heartwarming Campaign Reminds Us That No Body Is Perfect

This is a video with a beautiful and classy message. We often see videos that seek to put across a clear and commendable message, but oftentimes may not explain fully the background as to how the campaign and its aims came about. Here however is the creative process of designing a number of mannequins to be displayed in a store windows with a view towards showcasing folks who live with a disability and the unique and beautiful dimensions they have in their own physical features. As the campaign asks: “because who is perfect?” This is a fantastic insight detailing...

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Man Enters Family’s Abandoned Shoe Store 40 Years Later, Finds This In The Boxes

First Class Shoe Store closed its doors in the 1960s, and has never since re-opened. The outcome? A veritable vintage shoe museum, complete with plaid saddle shoes and old school Converse galoshes – before their famous sneaker. The business was run by the great-aunt of Redditor Oktober75, in a building owned by his grandparents, for approximately 20 years before she was forced to close the store due to ill health. No other family members held an interest in its management, so it was left for 40 years to gather dust and cobwebs. Sadly, due to the aridity and heat...

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