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PyroLance Hose: Put Out a Fire Without Coming Close to It

With technology advancing every year, we are able to minimize the risk of injury to the lowest. PyroLance is a company that creates transitional attack tools that can come very handy when in complex fire situations. PyroLance creates an ultra high pressured electric hose that can put out a fire faster than the conventional fire hose. The PyroLance uses pressurized water to quickly breach most types of materials without risking the life of a firefighter. The blaze could be easily fought from afar as the mist created from the Lance brings a cooling effect in the room causing the...

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Firefighter Cuts Man’s Lawn After He’s Rushed to Hospital So He Won’t Have to Do It Later

Firefighters have a great reputation for helping others no matter what—and this story proves that reputation is absolutely true. Kristen Brentzel Tipton called 911 when her neighbor collapsed while he was cutting his lawn. Emergency services arrived and after everyone else started to leave, this firefighter decided he couldn’t go just yet. Read the full story down below. This is a firefighter from The Camp Taylor Fire House. They responded to my 911 call when we found our neighbor… Posted by Kristen Brentzel Tipton on Sunday, 4 June 2017 Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Bierstick: Down 2 Beers in Less Than...

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