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Pictures From Central Portugal Show Why Firefighters Don’t Get Enough Recognition For Their Work

When natural disasters occur, it’s devastating for everyone that’s involved. But this forest fire in Central Portugal is more than just a usual natural disaster. Central Portugal is seeing one of the worst tragedies in modern history. The nation has been experiencing many massive disastrous forest fires that have claimed over 60 lives. And although the 1700 firefighters are doing everything they can, the fires continue to rage. One image revealing exhausted firefighters is now going viral and once you take a look at it, it’s clear to see why. It perfectly captures how the firefighters are working day...

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Firefighters Explain Why “Stayin’ Alive” Can Help Save A Life

The Chattanooga firefighters wanted to increased CPR education, but sometimes First Aid can be a little bit boring.   In order to spice things up, they decided to create a flash mob!   A woman goes into ‘cardiac arrest’ and they start administering CPR… to Stayin’ Alive!   They explain in the video that the song equals 100 compressions per minute, the exact amount needed to do successful...

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Firefighters Work Quickly To Rescue 8 Kittens From A Storm Drain

There is never a dull moment in the life of a firefighter, but the job isn’t entirely about fighting fires. Sometimes, it involves the daring and timely rescue of adorable kittens.   Sacramento, California’s Fire Department is no stranger to kitten rescue, to the point that they’ve joked that every single day may as well be International Cat Day for them. On this one particular day however, they certainly had their hands full. The Fire Department’s Truck Seven had to work quickly to save eight cuddly kittens from drowning in a storm drain. While their nervous mother looked on...

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Friendly Elk Makes Friends with Local Firefighters

You know those moments when you’re at work trying to do your job, and someone interrupts your work flow? Like, when you’re discussing something with your coworkers and suddenly an elk walks up and joins the conversation?   No? Well, these Kittitas County Fire District #7 workers certainly do. Kittitas County Fire District #7/Facebook   While these firefighters were working on a wildfire in a Washington state forest, the elk, who is named Buttons, emerged and started hanging around with the crew. Aparently, she is known to the locals for being very affectionate. Kittitas County Fire District #7/Facebook Kittitas...

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Terrified Donkey Makes Friends With Firefighters

Wildfires are an unfortunately common occurrence – more so in heavily wooded areas. They can destroy lives and ruin homes – and not just for humans, either. Though the human cost is dear, wildfires cause a considerable amount of damage to animal habitats as well. Last year, a 7000-acre fire broke out in a community near Arizona. As firefighters were battling the blaze, they found an unexpected survivor. Karen Kuehnel/Facebook   This donkey, who escaped from the burning forest, saw the firefighters attempting to subdue the flames and decided to stay close to them. The donkey, it seems, recognized...

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