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Meet The Penguin That Lives In Japan And Buys Fish From The Market

Most penguins are native to Antarctica and normally spend most of their lives there, so what’s a king penguin doing so far north in Japan? Meet Lala, a ten-year-old king penguin that lives with the Nishimoto family in Japan.   Though normally warm and humid, Lala has a special room set just right for a penguin. Although, Lala doesn’t like to stay in one place too long. You see, Lala is a wanderer at heart, and loves nothing more than to strap on his penguin-shaped backpack and walk all the way to the market for some sardines and mackerel....

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Duck Feeds Its Fish Friends From a Little Metal Bowl

You know those people who go to the park to feed the ducks? Well this is like that, only this time the duck is doing the feeding.   We like to do the occasional story about odd animal friend pairings, so here’s another to try on for size. A video has recently emerged of a duck feeding its fish friends in a pond. The duck, who has a small silver bowl, doles out small amounts of food to the fish, who appear to be reddish-orange koi of some variety. The video is nothing revolutionary, but it’s too adorable to...

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Boy is Best Friends with a Stingray

You may remember stingrays from their notable role in killing Steve Irwin AKA The Crocodile Hunter. They aren’t generally aggressive creatures, but they’re also not the kind of animal you want to mess around with or take lightly (y’know, on account of their poisonous sting tail and all).   That said, no animal is evil. Evil is a human concept that does not taint the gentle hearts of animals. They only know need. They attack when they’re scared or in danger. That’s about it. Well, this stingray seems pretty relaxed, because he had no trouble getting on with a...

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Fish Gets Trapped Inside a Jellyfish

Jellyfish – they’re clean and clear and under control –   – or, at least, they usually are.   This jellyfish lost all control when a rouge fish got all tangled up…in it’s organs. A photo posted by Tim Samuel (@timsamuelphotography) on Jun 3, 2016 at 4:34pm PDT That’s right, photographer Tim Samuel caught the shot of a life time last year when he managed to snap a picture of a fish caught inside a jellyfish. The incident happened when Samuel was freediving in Byron Bay. Astoundingly, the fish was able to control the movements of the Frankenstein-like hybrid...

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German Koi Enthusiast Comes Up With A Great Way To See His Fish

Millions of people around the world enjoy keeping fish. It may just be a goldfish, or perhaps a sophisticated aquarium, or even a classic koi pond. Koi ponds are lovely, relaxing, and thanks to the fish, very colorful. Unfortunately, you can’t always see the fish but one German koi enthusiast came up with an interesting solution. He took a traditional column aquarium and put it upside down in the koi pond. After slowly filling the aquarium with water from the bottom up while sucking the air out, he was left with a “tower” for the koi to enjoy. He...

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