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Flash Mob Dance at Dublin Airport

Passengers were in for a surprise when the Irish step-dancing group Take The Floor performed a flash mob routine at the terminal of the Dublin Airport.    Everything was business as usual until the ladies from the team descended on the escalator. As they hit the floor, they got into formation and proceeded to wow the audience with their quick steps and synchronization. Then the gentlemen took the floor before the performance culminated in a finale with all of them. I love how they just walk away like nothing happened when it was all...

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Irish Tap Dancers Take Over Dublin's Airport

Personally, I love flash mobs. Can’t get enough of them. They are just so much fun and a great showcasing of talent and the human spirit. It’s also kind of exciting not knowing when you might be an unwitting audience member. Sure, they might not always be appreciated or catch you in the best of moods. Maybe their tastes are not yours. Either way, I love the concept so I have nothing but good feelings in the wake of a dancing flash mob tapping their toes through the halls of Dublin’s airport. Turns out it was the cast of...

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600 People Join A Flash Mob To Celebrate Chinese New Year In Ottawa, Canada

In the cold dead heart of winter, Ottawa, the national Capital of Canada, decided to celebrate Chinese New Year via flash mob. On the lawn of Parliament Hill in freezing temperatures, a band from the Royal Canadian Air Cadet organization is joined by white volunteers who are singing in Chinese. There’s even native dancers and a hockey player. There’s lots of Chinese songs, dancing, Confucius dolls, mascots, dragons, costumes, a lion dancer, and even a snowball fight. Like other flash mobs, this was planned in advance but the people visiting the area had no idea it was going to...

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