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The Lyre Bird Is A One-Of-A-Kind Bird That Has An Amazing Skill Of Sound Making

  If you think you’ve heard/seen of all the types of animals in the world, this lyre bird will prove you wrong.   In this BBC segment with David Attenborough, he treks through the forest and discovers the lyre bird. The lyre bird is a complex bird that makes incredible sounds mimicking other birds’ calls and even human noises such as chainsaws and camera shutters.   Wait until 2:14 in the video below to hear some of the incredible sounds it can make. Make sure to turn up your...

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This Man Saves His Island By Planting A Tree Everyday For 37 Years

Jadav Payeng lives on an island named Majuli Island. What once was a land of beautiful forest and wildlife, turned into an eroding wasteland over the years of agricultural development and human influence.   Payeng wants to bring this ecosystem back. The dedicated arborist started a daily mission to plant one tree every day. He’s been doing this since 1979, and has now managed to turn Majuli and neighbouring Jorhat with a tropical paradise once again.   115 elephants, rhino, deer, and tigers now call this 550-hectare forest home. “I will continue to plant until my last breath.” “I...

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Teacher Pulls Over Immediately When Majestic Albino Reindeer Is Spotted

Siv Poijo is a school teacher that was spending the holidays in Mala, Sweden. While Sweden on its own already sounds fantastic to visit, Poijo was astounded to find this amazing creature: an albino reindeer.   She was just returning to her cottage when she noticed the white beauty trying to cross the road with its pack of reindeer.   Poijo states, “For the Sami people, the white reindeer have special significance – I think they bring luck and are considered holy.” The white albino reindeer is the same species as a brown reindeer but has a case of...

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Frightened Bear Cub Wanders onto Highway with Head Stuck in Can

Black bears are big scary animals…usually. But sometimes, you get yourself in a situation where you have no choice to rely on the kindness of strangers. This black bear cub found itself in that kind of situation. Driving down the road in Alaska, two strangers happened upon a frightened black bear with a large tin container stuck on their head. With the help of the Alaska Fish and Game office, the two men were able to get the bear the help it needed. Once the bear was successfully tranquilized, the tin was removed and the bear was transported back...

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