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This French Supermarket Chain Came Up With A Brilliant Food Campaign

Every year, more than 300 million tons of fruits and vegetables are thrown away in the world from Kenya to Canada. Shockingly, the main reason for this is a very strict set of standards for how food is supposed to appear. As a result, perfectly good food that happens to look a little weird and unsightly is thrown out. Back in 2014, the European Union declared that year the European Year Against Food Waste. Intermarché, the third largest supermarket chain in France, took to the challenge with gusto and came up with this brilliant campaign to reduce food waste...

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Amazing Moment Between Father And Son During An Interview At A Paris Attacks Memorial

What happened recently in Paris shocked the world. There has been an outpouring of condolences and support to the French people, and the world has mourned the loss of innocent life. At a memorial service in France, Le Petit Journal interviewed an adorable young boy and his father about the attacks. At one point, it becomes clear the boy is afraid that they will have to change houses and the ensuing conversation and reassurances he gets from his calm father amount to a life-changing moment caught on film. It’s an example of truly amazing and responsible parenting. By the...

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An Unreal And Heart-Stopping Wingsuit Flight In France

To begin with, skydiving was already a dangerous sport. However, the adrenaline rush wasn’t enough, and so the wingsuit came into existence. Eventually, that also got boring for the adrenaline junkies. They have now resorted to jumping off mountainsides. If that’s not enough to get your heart racing, just watch as these two extreme Frenchmen shout “vive la France” before plummeting at incredible speeds and coming mere feet away from the mountainside and various trees. Thanks to some excellent camera work, one can almost feel as though they are speeding down the side of a French mountain. via Graham...

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Colossal Catfish Caught in France

Head on down anywhere in the southern states of the US, and you’ll come across a great many who love eating a good catfish. But this colossal catfish was hauled from the Rhone River in France. Here we see a 5 foot long and 250 lb. catfish, which henceforth should be called Billy to give this beast a sufficiently endearing name. Billy struggles with the enemy combatants in the boat for a solid 5 minutes (which can be a lifetime in the reel-in game) before we finally get a good look at Billy in all his burly splendor. Being...

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