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Man Puts His Own Spin on a Classic Queen Song

Freddie Mercury had a voice that just can’t be imitated. Nobody can fill his shoes and anybody who tries sounds like they’re trying to do an impression of him. Your best bet when covering a Queen song is to make it your own. This man did just that. 28-year old Brian Justin Crum performed his rendition of Queen’s “Somebody to Love” on America’s Got Talent recently and absolutely crushed it. He didn’t sound at all like Freddie, but that’s because he wasn’t trying to. Instead he took the song and made it entirely his own. By the end, all...

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This is What Queen Sounds Like Without Instruments

Freddie Mercury’s immense talent and genius are virtually undisputed. At only 45 years old, his life was cut short when he succumbed to bronchial pneumonia as a result of AIDS. While he may not be with us anymore, we still have a very full and rich discography to remember him by.   Queen was and is a band overflowing with talent, and Freddie’s vocals were just one of many elements that made the band stand out. When you hear his vocals separately, however, you’ll gain even more of an appreciation for the man.   Youtube is full of videos...

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