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Using Fun Times In A Pool To Demonstrate Some Science

Science is always better when it’s also made fun. Dad decides to take this fun activity with his kids as they splash around in an above ground pool to demonstrate the concept of constructive wave interference. As the name of the term implies, it’s when waves interfere with each other and bounce off of each other, usually in spectacular fashion. You can actually observe a similar effect when you pour milk or cream into your tea or coffee. A water drop splashing down into a small pool? It’s the same thing, but on a smaller and much less impressive...

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Combat Archery Should Be Your New Weekend Activity

Long the domain of the old wars of Europe, Robin Hood, Legolas, Katniss Everdeen, and Hawkeye of the Avengers, archery is a long and proud tradition practices by numerous cultures from across the world since the invention of the bow and arrow. Although, it has more or less fallen off the map as a practised skill. Bringing a totally different dynamic to the modern stage, are these folks who take archery to a whole new level with the advent of ‘extreme archery’. Getting rid of the lethal arrows and getting some cover on the field of play, we see...

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