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B&W Biker Bar: Keep Your Bike Secure in Any Trailer

Available here Do you like transporting your motorcycle when you travel? The B&W Trailer Biker Bar is perfect for you! It’s designed to secure your bike to your trailer easily and efficiently. With this convenient bar, you can load and unload your motorcycle in less than a minute without anyone else’s help! Want to go on a solo trip with your truck, trailer, and bike? You can do that with this tool. It doesn’t matter what kind of rough terrain you drive over—the Biker Bar will keep your motorcycle secure for your entire journey! The bar has neoprene lined...

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Segway Ninebot: The Cutting Edge Electric Go Kart

Available here Do you love racing around at high speeds with friends and family? The Segway Ninebot is perfect for you! It’s designed to be one of the coolest electric go karts ever made. It’s the first go kart that’s made for drifting—if you love the Fast and Furious movies, you’ll love driving around in this go kart! It has an adjustable frame for various driver sizes—you and your child can ride on it. It has 0.7 g acceleration, and it’s reversible—riding on the Ninebot is like Mario Kart in real life! The go kart can support riders from...

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