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Garbage Can Fly Trap: Get Rid of Flies Without Any Chemicals

Available here The Garbage Can Fly Trap is perfect for people who can never get rid of their flies! It’s designed to discreetly trap and eliminate your household flies. Because flies are attracted to garbage, they’ll land on the lid and follow the scent right to the trap. The cartridge is lined with flypaper to ensure it doesn’t escape. When you want to throw out the cartridge, press the button to release the cartridge into the trash! Then snap on a new cartridge and catch more flies. The cartridge is semi-transparent, letting you know if you need to replace...

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Joseph Joseph Titan Trash Compactor: Hold Up to Three Times More Trash

The Joseph Joseph Titan Trash Compactor is perfect for your kitchen! It’s designed to hold up to three times the trash compared to a traditional trash can. It has a patented, hygienic compaction system, reducing the number of times you empty your trash and the number of liners you use. It also has an anti-tear design to avoid piercing your liner. The lid has a replaceable odor filter to minimize any nasty smells coming from your trash! Only the inside of the liner touches the trash, leaving your hands clean! Available Here Watch the demo down below!   Advertisement...

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