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Dallas Taco Shop Sets Up Coat Rack For Those In Need

Tacos are nothing short of amazing, but what this particular taco shop did was even more amazing.   The Taco Stop on Irving Blvd, northwest of downtown Dallas, is owned by Emilia Flores. Flores decided to do an amazing gesture this winter by giving coats, scarves and hats to those in need with a coat rack outside. The sign reads, “Are you cold? Take one. Do you want to help? Leave one.” This is the second winter Flores has decided to do this and it’s been a huge success. Even people from Richardson have drove down just to put...

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Kind Stranger Offers Free Room To Stay In For Anyone In Need

Sometimes, life finds you in the most difficult of situations. Whether it be struggling financially, a dispute in loving relationships or any problem life may throw at you, it happens. In some cases, these problems may even throw you on the street without a home or roof above your head. That’s why this kind stranger decided to do a gesture of kindness that went above and beyond.   He offered a place to stay. The single male stated that his youngest daughter has moved out of their house, offering a spare room in their home with 2 single beds...

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