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14 Year-Old Girl Gets in Trouble for Protecting Herself, Owns Principal with Epic Comeback

Touching people without consent is never okay. This should be common sense, but there are some people who just don’t get it. This 14 year-old girl was protecting herself from an older boy who grabbed her without permission—yet she ended up getting in trouble. But she taught him a lesson with her epic comeback. Read the full story down below. via Hrtwarming Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Orphaned “Justin Beaver” Can’t Go Live in the Wild, So He Makes Dams from His Toys A beaver, named Justin Beaver, has people across the Internet losing their minds! Football Coach Hailed as...

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Janitor Has The Perfect Plan To Stop Teens From Keeping Lipstick On The Bathroom Mirrors

Teenage girls can be quite a pain to deal with sometimes. While some of the blame can be put on changing hormones, the main excuse is that they are trying to impress others.   One poor janitor had to deal with these types of teenage girls. When the “popular” girls in his high school kept leaving lipstick on the bathroom mirrors, he would have to spend extra time out of his day to clean them up.   After he approached the school principal about this issue, the matter only got worse. The girls were leaving double the amount of...

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Two Boys Stand Up For Their Adopted Sisters When Hate Graffiti Is Spray-Painted On Their House

When the Hollis family adopted two girls from Ukraine, Meg and Alina, they definitely didn’t expect to wake up to a morning like this.   One morning, Todd Hollis backed his family car out of the garage to take the kids to school, they where shocked to find the vandalism that happened overnight on their property.   To make matters even worse, the vandalism was hateful graffiti filled horrific words and phrases such as: “RETARDS”, “Get Outta here”, and more.   The reasoning behind the attack on Hollis’ family was because the two adopted girls had Down Syndrome. Fortunately,...

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