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Cute Goose Is Ecstatic When His Human Friend Comes To Visit Him

If you needed any more proof that animals have feelings and emotions, this viral video will be it.   In this adorable video from Little Rock, Arkansas, a goose gets a visit from one of his human friends named Cyndie. When he hears her voice, he gets so excited and starts running towards her for an eager hug.   Watch the adorable hug between Cyndie and the goose below: Have you ever been hugged by a goose? Thanks Cyndie for sharing this sweet moment! Share your photos or videos with us at burst.com/katv or on the KATV News app...

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Man Rescues Gosling. Two Years Later, They're The Best of Friends

Normally, when you rescue an animal, they are so frightened that they simply run off back into the wilderness without so much as a ‘thank you’. But for Oregonian Mike Jivanjee, a Canadian Goose he rescued two years ago refuses to leave his side.   Two years ago, he saw a gosling drowning in Lake Oswego, Oregon and rescued it with the plan of releasing her back into the wild after some initial care. Naming her Kyle (even though it’s a girl), he took care of her and now she won’t leave his side. A photo posted by Kyle...

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These Two Countries Just Went To War In The Craziest Way

Despite their differences, Canada and the U.S. have never gone to war. The closest they’ve ever come is the War of 1812, when the U.S. and Britain – representing their interests in British North America – went to war.   To this day, they’ve never been on opposite sides of a military conflict…until now.   Recently, a Canadian Goose and an American Bald Eagle – each the national bird of their respective countries – duked it out in a fight that nobody could have seen coming. As expected, the eagle attacked the goose first, perching on its body in...

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Mother Goose Asks Cincinnati Police For Help

The geese of Canada are unlike the people of Canada. Canadians are known for being polite, apologetic, and friendly. Canada Geese are known for being violent, aggressive, hissing pillows of rage. Perhaps all those negative aspects are magically passed from Canadians onto the local wildlife and that allows Canadians to be the way they are. However, there is one Canada Goose that is trying to break stereotypes. A Cincinnati Police Woman was on her break in her patrol car when she heard a tapping on her door. It was a goose. Thinking nothing of it she just watched the...

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