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Grandfather Has The “Best” Solution For His Out Of Control Grandson

When it comes to young children, they can be quite a pain to handle and take care of.   Despite that, their grandparents find the best way to calm them down, right?   This grandfather was bringing his grandson to the supermarket to purchase some snacks and sweets. Unfortunately for him, his grandson was not very accommodating. He made a fuss in the aisles and had short outbursts in front of his grandpa.   Then the following happened:         Haha, so that’s how grandparents handle the little ones. Chuckled? Be sure to share with your friends...

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Grandpa's Reaction to Getting Light-Up Shoes is Priceless

I bet we can all think back to our childhood days with fondness. What was the big fad while you were growing up? Pet rocks, Tamagotchi pets, Heelys, you name it –we loved it.   My favourite childhood memory is running down a dim hallway watching my Scooby-Doo light-up shoes dazzle my friends. It looks like this man is going to have similar memories! When his family buys him a pair of flashers all his own, this grandpa can’t contain his excitement! Watch his reaction below. It’s great to see the kid in us never...

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