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They're Clearing The Stage When A Kid Goes On, Blows Everyone's Mind

If you’re a musician, performing in front of a live audience is what you live for. It’s your bread and butter. Having said that, sometimes you come across a performance that is so spectacular it makes it a tough act to follow. If you’re the next act after this kid, you had better be amazing. Playing at the Red, Rhythm, and Boom! Festival in Mason, Ohio, he entertains a willing audience while the technicians clear and set up the stage for the next performer. In the meantime, young Ben Lapps is only too happy to bust out some stellar...

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How This Man Plays His Acoustic Guitar Is Mind Blowing. Just PURE Talent!

Undoubtedly one of the greatest things about Youtube is it has single-handedly taken a generation of artists to rapid fame, and has completely changed how we learn about and discover new things. Whether it’s cooking, helpful hints for the house, or in this case, a truly exceptional cover song. We’re going to go out on a limb and assume that many of our visitors either don’t know about Pantera, or simply don’t like Pantera. They were a heavy and immensely popular metal band from Arlington, Texas. This is where the talented Sam Westphalen of Australia comes in. A percussion...

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The Skate Guitar Is One Of The Most Creative Guitar Designs You'll Ever See

Necessity is the mother of invention. Let’s say you’re a young skateboard-loving teenager and you want a lap guitar to play some lonesome blues notes. Unfortunately, you’re a poor teenager and lap guitars are quite expensive. Not wanting to wait, you’re in dire need of a solution. One enterprising young man found a most creative solution; making a lap guitar out of a skateboard deck. It is at once strange and cool looking, but also proves that sometimes all that’s stopping a solution from being found is creativity. In any case, it works the same as any lap guitar...

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Brother And Sister Duo Show Their Coordinated Music Shenanigans

When it comes to musical acts, it’s often a very sweet thing to see a family playing together. Especially when they’re really talented. Such is the case with Nathan and Eva Leach, a sibling duo from Columbia, South Carolina. With the rise of the internet era, we have seen some talented young sibling pairs and their musical acts for years now. Doing a lovely cover of Family of the Year’s ‘Hero’, they also include in a rather impressive instrument toss. It’s an excellent and relaxing song that feels quite appropriate for a Friday afternoon. via...

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Guitar Shop Plays Host To A Soulful Sound

‘From growing up in the shop, I can tell if someone’s a good player from the first four seconds that they start playing.’ This is the measure upon which we are encouraged to judge the talents of our new favourite artist, Marcus King of the Marcus King Band. And wow, what an artist this guy is. As part of their tour and album promotion, they stopped by Norman’s Rare Guitars to share a song. If his delicate and haunting playing of the guitar wasn’t enough, he sounds like a guy that has lost everything in his life except his...

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